We're excited about a new study that everyone at South Plains is participating in. Join us as we study through the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.

About Adult Ministry
The heartbeat of South Plains is our Sunday morning Bible Classes. It is here that you will form friendships for a lifetime. Each adult class is sorted by age so that all those in the same stage of life's journey can share that journey together. Each class also studies the same Biblical material so that all adult classes are connected by their study.

Teacher Training
If you're teaching a class and looking for information click here for the Teacher Training page.

Class Info
To find which class might best fit you and your family consider one of the eleven adult classes listed below.


Room 104

Anna (Ladies)

The Living Room (102)


Room 215


Room 103

Faith Builders

Room 223


Room 206


Room 205


Room 203

Young Adult

Room 207

The University Class

Room 204