Support Staff

Aimee Bunting  

Aimee works as a ministry assistant to several of the South Plains ministers and has been serving in this role since 2014.
She and her husband Joseph have three children. They are actively involved with the church community along with encouraging and preparing our ministers. Aimee partners with other members of our office staff in creating a welcoming and professional environment.

Jett Rogers  

Jett has served as part of the office staff at South Plains since 1980. She and her husband, Gary, have been members since 1978. They have two grown daughters, Kristin Hagins and Jenifer Schilling and four grandchildren.

Anita Wofford  

Anita has served as a secretary at South Plains since 1991. She and her husband, Nelson have been members of South Plain since 1978. They have three sons and five grandchildren.