Carpenter's Church
Carpenter's Church is an inner-city church plant located in downtown Lubbock, TX. Birthed in a soup kitchen in 1997, Carpenter's has been about recognizing the need for more than simply food or other benevolent resources. The Church is focused on developing an indigenous community where God can do His thing. South Plains is excited to partner with Carpenter's Church in developing relationships with God and each other,which are the most powerful source of transformation for the poor and homeless, and for all of us.

Working with Carpenter's Church, South Plains is glad to support Chase Smith in continuing to work among the community in downtown Lubbock. Chase has been an active part of the South Plains community and continues to influence the lives of people as he serves to build the Kingdom of God in Lubbock. Chase has been working with Carpenter's in numerous ways before being hired as a minister with the Church in 2014. Since becoming a part of the ministry team at Carpenter's, Chase has been able to dedicate more time to the ongoing Kingdom work among the community.

With the Carpenter's community being in such close proximity to the South Plains community, we encourage you to take advantage of the many opportunities to connect one another. The website for Carpenter's has a wealth of information available to better commuicate the mission of the Church and to better connect others to what's going on around the community. A link to the Carpenter's website is listed below.

Carpenter's Church Website